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become a national and even
international manufacturer and
supplier," says Ron.
There are numerous strengths
that set CAP apart as the indus-
try leader, and at the forefront is
their breadth of expertise and
customer service. "A lot of con-
struction documents leave a good
deal of missing information,"
explains Bill Bass. "That means
we need to figure how to make
something work, how to manu-
facture it and how it should best
be installed. It really does require
a lot of engineering. People do
not always understand that metal
is different than other materials.
We have a variety of different
products for different applica-
There are many companies that
CAP competes with, so the
excellent customer service they
provide give them a distinct
advantage. "We work with cus-
tomers so the products work and
fit smoothly," continues Bill.
"We take the time to make sure
it is right. Our superior shop
drawings give every detail and
identify critical field dimensions.
We also coordinate very well
with other trades to make sure
everything gets done correctly."
In fact, the strong relationship
with all involved on a project
really provides a team atmos-
phere. "The team at CAP under-
stands that good relationships
with installers, architects and
manufacturers are integral in any
project success. We firmly believe
that strong relationships with the
industry's finest contractors will
not only ensure quality in con-
struction, it also helps us form a
team that has the client's goals in
focus at all times," says Ron.
"We maintain very close commu-
nication with the contracting
team, and they all have direct
access to us at all times as well."
A real key to maintaining strong
relationships is just focusing on
what CAP does best. "We only
fabricate, we do not install. We
do, however, have a network of
installers we can recommend."
Being a small company is
another major strength of CAP.
"We are a focused architectural
products firm that is small
enough to provide good client
service, yet with enough experi-
ence and knowledge to work on
larger, more complex projects,"
explains Bill. "If and when a
client needs to talk with either
Ron or myself, whether to get
our advice or help create a solu-
tion, we are only a phone call
away. We are very accessible, and
this gives our clients enormous
confidence through all phases of
our project involvement."
Columbia Architectural Products
boasts bilingual capabilities for
their clients and the majority of
CAP's employees have been with
the company for over ten years,
showing a great deal of loyalty
and satisfaction.
Technology is yet another
major strength CAP relies on to
best serve their clientele. Having
the latest CAD to help solve pro-
duction issues is integral, and the
investment in the finest machin-
ery has made Columbia
Architectural Products the indus-
try cutting edge leader. Examples
include their Cidan Power
Folder, metal fabricating and
composite fabricating machinery,
as well as laminating equipment.
"We are the only company in the
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Field School
2301 Fox Hall Road, Washington, DC
This curved addition offered a unique opportunity for CAP to
demonstrate it's capabilities and rise to the challenge. "V"
Grooved, Rolled, cut and assembled Alucoil 4mm aluminum
composite panels with thickness' ranging
from 1" curved
parapet cap to 8" layered wall claddings, offset to create depth
to this architectural element. Panels included curved alu-
minum extrusions bonded to the backs to help hold it's shape
and provide the necessary wind load ratings.
This is a Staggered Clip-Rod and Caulk System expertly
installed by Kemberling Construction of Arnold Maryland.
From the Ground level to the Parapet top, this unique radius
addition features one of three green roofs throughout the Field
School renovation project.
This circular feature provides the entrance to the new
Elizabeth Meeting House, named after the founder Elizabeth
Ely. It is centrally located between the existing entrance and
the Cafritz House. The new entrance brings you to the upper
level of the meeting house which was designed to provide
office space and gives The Field School a new, flexible and
beautiful venue for performances and events.