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same products and knowledge,
CAP's impeccable service, willingness
to work diligently and quickly with
small projects, even when they have
large projects in house being done, sets
them apart fromall the rest. In the
DC area doing even small jobs &
repairs is time challenging...CAP
always makes us shine". - Tommy
Bryant, Brylin Glass
Looking to the future, Columbia
Architectural Products has every rea-
son for optimism. For over three
decades they have evolved into an
industry leader through excellent cus-
tomer service and superior and cre-
ative products. Yet Bill and Ron
know that to bring their legacy of
excellence to the next decade and
beyond, they need to stay at the fore-
front of the industry's needs. "We are
constantly developing and distributing
new products to solve problems or
improve functionality and durability,"
explains Bill. "Examples include new
interior products, decorative products
and even bullet resistant products. Of
course all of this will continue to fuel
our internet business. We want to pro-
vide a wide assortment of choices and
solutions locally, nationally and even
internationally." For CAP, that future
map to continued success is summed
up in the firm's philosophy. "You can
get anything in life you want if you
will just help enough other people
what they want." (taken from the
renowned motivational speaker Zig
Ziglar). With their strong local pres-
ence and capability to serve the
worldwide market through the inter-
net, Columbia Architectural
Products has ensured they will set
the industry standard of excellence
for decades to come.
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